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    In memory of Harry David Jones

    • My Dad, Robert “Doc” Henry Sanders was a member of Air Squadron 17 on the USS Bunker Hill CV 17. He was a radio man and tail gunner. He served under Lt Commander Frank Whittaker. Dad had tears in his eyes when he spoke of him. He was there when Whittaker and journalist Raymond Clapper crashed in mid air. Dad was transferred along with his squadron to the USS Hornet on February 2 1945. Dad told me whenever the enemy was spotted Whittaker used to say ” ALL HOBOS FROM HOBO 1 PUT ON YOUR BIBS GATHER ROUND THE TABLE ! When it was time to strike ..” All HOBOS FROM HOBO1 CHOW DOWN CHOW DOWN” My Dad passed away peacefully at home October 12 2013. The men and ladies who served during WWI and II were truly are greatest generation.

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